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Use this form to request and provide authority to Council to opt-in for emailing invoices and associated information for all your rates properties, any water accounts and other invoices or statements you have with the Council.

Information Required

Information required to complete this application includes:
  • Rates valuation number
  • Property Address
  • Email Address (this will be validated when filling out the form)
Note that other information may be requested once your application has been checked by our team.


The information you provide is official information and is used to help process your application. The information is held and used in accordance with the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 and the Privacy Act 2020. This means that your information may be disclosed to other people who request it in accordance with the terms of these Acts. Under the Privacy Act 2020 you have the right to see and correct any personal information that Council may hold about you.


I understand that:
  1. I have the authority to complete this form.
  2. I am electing to opt-in for emailing invoices and associated information for all my rates properties, any water accounts and other invoices or statements I may have with the Council.
  3. Applications for rates/water must be submitted by one of the current property owners, and for debtors by an authorised person.
  4. One invoice per property will be emailed to the email address loaded against the "first named owner" listed on the Council's rating records. Where the owner below is not currently the "first named owner" we may change either the ownership order or contact you to discuss at our sole discretion.
  5. Where you are currently listed as the first named owner on any property, rates/water invoices will be emailed to you (irrespective of whether you have listed that property below or not).
  6. Emailing will be activated as soon as possible (however items will continue to be mailed until email delivery is activated).
  7. This authorisation covers rates/water invoices and attachments, penalty notices, debtors, direct debits plus other Council correspondence.
  8. You will advise the Council of any change/cancellation of email address. It is your responsibility to keep the digital record and postal addresses current.
  9. If the email is unable to be sent, a hard copy will be mailed to the last known postal address.
  10. Email authorisation may be cancelled at any time at the discretion of Council.
  11. You acknowledge that nothing in these terms affects your liability as a ratepayer to pay rates and penalties under the Local Government Rating Act 2002 (LGRA 2002).
  12. Central Otago District Council may use and disclose this information in accordance with the provisions of the LGRA (2002).



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