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UPDATE 8 September 2021
Please be aware that due to continuing workplace restrictions at Level 2 for COVID-19, there will be a delay in processing requests for the digitisation of property files. When we return to Level 1, there will still be delays as we catch-up with the current backlog.

This will mean the estimated turnaround time of 20 working days will not apply. Thank you for your patience and kindness during this time. CODC apologises for any inconvenience.

Are you purchasing this property?

A Property File does not include all the information Council holds on a property.
We recommend you get a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) report when considering purchasing a property, bare site or dwelling, as it may reveal important information that could influence your decision. This information may be vital before a property purchase is finalised.
Likewise, when selling your property, we recommend that you provide important information about your property.
If you are a professional assisting a property buyer or seller, you have a responsibility to be aware of information in these reports when giving advice. The information provided in the LIM is governed by the provisions in Section 44A of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987.

GIS - you can get information yourself !

If you are after the status of consents, we suggest looking at our Property Map. Use the find address or find valuation search, to bring up the property of interest. Once found, a panel will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. Look for the Building Consents and Resource Consents section, and expand to see the consents. If you have more than 1, click on the black arrow to see each consent and it's status. If you are purchasing the property, as mentioned a LIM will give the latest and complete information available. The Property Map information is made available in good faith but its accuracy or completeness is not guaranteed.

Get Your Property File Digitally

Council is digitising property files, either planned or when requested. If you would like to receive your property file digitally, please complete the below form.

The below form requires the properties valuation number, this can found at:
  • Rating and Property Search, click to go there​
  • Geographic Information System and click on the Property Map
  • On your rates assessment and invoice​

  • What's in a Property File?

    The information contained within each property file varies and we cannot guarantee the information you are looking for will be on file.

    The types of information that may be on a property file include:

  • Building permits and consents
  • Drainage plans
  • Plans and specifications
  • Code Compliance Certificates
  • Planning reports
  • Resource Consent Decisions
  • Associated documents

  • Digitisation Turnaround Times

    We are digitising all Central Otago property files on request with an estimated turnaround time of 20 working days. However our priority remains with LIMS, Consents, LGOIMA’S and urgent necessary requests (such as a plumbing leak).

    Confidential Information

    When digitising property files, the information held is audited to ensure information that is not public information is removed and confidential information is marked as confidential. Confidential information is not made available via the property file request process.


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