Rates Penalty Remission

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You may apply to have a rates penalty remitted.

The objective of the policy is to enable Council to remit penalties where payment has not been received by the penalty date, due to circumstances outside the ratepayer's control; or it is deemed equitable to remit the penalty for other reasons.

The Council will consider remission of rate penalties where an application is made and meets any of the following criteria:

  • Payment has been late due to significant family disruption (Significant family disruption would include death, illness, or accident of a family member).
  • The ratepayer is able to provide evidence that their payment has gone astray in the post, or the late payment has otherwise resulted from matters outside their control.
  • Penalties have arisen through processing errors in Council's records or an outstanding balance has arisen as a result of a shortfall caused by the operation of an agreed payment plan.
  • The ratepayer provides a reasonable explanation of the circumstances which caused the late payment, and this is the first occasion on which late payment has occurred.

The extent of any remission will be determined by the Council or its delegated officer(s).


The information you provide is official information and is used to help process your application. The information is held and used in accordance with the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 and the Privacy Act 2020. This means that your information may be disclosed to other people who request it in accordance with the terms of these Acts. Under the Privacy Act 2020 you have the right to see and correct any personal information that Council may hold about you.


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